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Ask qualified Utah attorneys in our expungement and record clearing forums. Expungement Of Utah Criminal Convictions Most felony and misdemeanor convictions can probably be cleared, leaving your record clear and your future brighter. If you are not currently on probation or facing any current charges, Utah law allows you to have your misdemeanor and felony convictions […] Sealing of Utah Juvenile Records Utah law allows for the expungement of juvenile records.

A reduction in class by just one degree […] Utah Arrest Record Expungement If you have an arrest on your record that did not result in a conviction, we can have record of the arrest removed from your record. Arrests are not legally as serious as convictions, but they can be just as […] Need a background check?

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Choose Your Username:. Enter Your Email Address:. Already a member? Login Here Username:. All processes dealing with expungements may be done through the mail. Even court processes can be handled through the mail. Yes, you must either be fingerprinted at our office or go to a local law enforcement agency and have your fingerprints put on the application. BCI will verify your fingerprints with the arrest on your record to confirm it is your record.

Criminal Record Clearing Options Available in UT

No, you can do everything yourself. You will need to read the instructions that will be sent with each step of the process. The courts also have instructions to help you with the expungement process.

Expungement in Utah - Part II

Since BCI receives between and applications each month it does take approximately 4 to 6 months to receive a response to your application. Please be patient and wait for a reply.


Acquittal can be expedited U. The process is difficult to navigate alone. Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law is experienced and will fight to get you the best possible result.

What is the benefit of having a criminal case expunged?

Susanne Gustin has nearly a quarter century of experience as a criminal defense lawyer in Utah. She focuses her law practice on defending those facing the most serious criminal charges, in particular sex offenses.. Toll Free: Phone: Fax: Sex Crimes.

Drug Crimes. Juvenile Defense.

Expunging your Utah Criminal Record

When May an Expungement Not Work? How to Get an Expungement? Am I Eligible for Expugnement in Utah?

Back to top What Does Expungement Do? Back to top When Expungement May Not Work Some applications for employment or professional licensing agencies have found ways to circumvent the expungement issue by asking whether an individual has ever had a record sealed or expunged.

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After determining eligibility, BCI will issue the certificate of eligibility. There are fees that are applicable upon filing. See If You Qualify. Inspection of the records may thereafter only be permitted by the court upon petition by the person who is the subject of the records, and only to persons named in the petition. If the court grants the petition, it will enter an order to expunge the petitioner's records of arrest, investigation, detention, or conviction held by any state, county, or local government entity.

An individual may file a petition to expunge his or her criminal record of arrest, investigation or detention under the following circumstances: at least 30 days have passed since the arrest for which a certificate of eligibility is sought; there are no present criminal proceedings pending against the petitioner; and one of the followed occurred: the entire case was dismissed with prejudice; the charges were screened by the investigating law enforcement agency and the prosecutor made the final determination that no charges would be filed in the case; the statute of limitations expired on all of the charges in the case; or the person was acquitted at trial on all of the charges contained in the case.

An individual is not eligible for expungement if the conviction was any of the following: a capital felony; a first degree felony; a violent felony as defined in Subsection Call to schedule a no obligations consultation. Meet Susanne Gustin Susanne Gustin has nearly a quarter century of experience as a criminal defense lawyer in Utah.

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